Hurricane Damage Restoration


Hurricane Damage Restoration

Beware of hurricane damage restoration or remediation Companies
that attempt to adjust your insurance claim.

Do Not Be Taken Advantage of by a Restoration or Remediation Company.!!!!!

Do NOT allow a Restoration or Remediation Company to contact and negotiate with your insurance provider on your behalf.


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Hurricane Damage Restoration Companies often attempt to negotiate your loss or damage with the insurance company specifically for their own selfish interests: inflated and quick payments to themselves but often leave the policy holder with insignificant coverage to repair or replace their entire loss. Restoration and Remediation Companies are not trained or expert in all aspects of loss and damages, nor are they trained in insurance law.

Insurance Companies prefer to work with contractors because the insurance company knows the homeowner or business owner does not realize the full extent of their “covered” loss. Thus, the Restoration Company only negotiates and is paid for their portion of work/loss by the insurance provider; leaving the insured – the victim without full reimbursement for their entire covered loss.

Your insurance provider should communicate with you or your Public Adjuster–not any contractors. It is illegal for a contractor to represent you or adjust your insurance claim. Only Attorneys and Licensed Public Adjusters can legally be retained by you to negotiate or settle a claim with the insurance company and only with your authorization.

Contractors are specifically prohibited from “representing” policyholders in Florida. Virtually all states prohibit contractors from this practice because it is either the unauthorized practice of law, public adjusting, or both. It is also unethical for the insurance company to encourage, accept and allow such practices (by contractors, restoration and remediation companies).

Use a Licensed Public Adjuster who is hired by you to protect only your interest through the insurance claims process.  Visit for more information regarding licenses.

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters are ethical and advocate on behalf of the policyholder.

Our Public Adjusters and loss consultants have 3 decades of experience adjusting both the insurance and policyholder sides of claims; complimented by years of law enforcement experience intricately involved in the investigations of Insurance Fraud.

Beware of Hurricane Damage Restoration Companies